This is A Wide Open Space

I invite you on the journey

God is always speaking.

He's always revealing Himself to gently and strategically fashion us more and more

into the image of His Son Jesus. I wish to unearth treasures found in the fields of the Wide Open Space that is life in the generous confines of the grace of God. 

And I would love to have a friend on this great adventure.

Take a deep breath with me, throw your arms out wide, and stride freely.

This is A Wide Open Space.

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My name is Amber.

I'm a wife and mommy and follower of Jesus. I'm trying not to take myself too seriously. I linger in conversation, drink too much coffee, take photos for fun, and have recently started calling myself 'a runner' (what on earth...). I love stories, and I love the long journey of discovering more and more who Jesus is. I'm a worship leader, licensed minister, and occasional Bible teacher. I also hold a Masters of Theological Studies.